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Jean Ciola
Your Minnetonka Chiropractor

  • "Dr. Jean - She has put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Jean is calm, energizing, amazing and her approach has made me feel better than I have in years."
    -Debbie D., Minnetonka, MN
  • "Dr. Jean has been adjusting me since I was pregnant with my second child, Greta. Greta has been adjusted since she was a newborn and it has been incredibly helpful for both of us. I first brought Greta in as a new baby with torticollis. She was adjusted a couple of times and was much better. A couple of months later she was sick so I thought I couldn't bring her in. Dr. Jean told me this was the perfect opportunity to help her immune system. She was better in a couple of days without the use of antibiotics. I know she would have been sick for much longer had she not had the adjustments. I bring Greta in on a regular basis so we can be adjusted to be proactive about our health!"
    -Jen S., Minnetonka, MN
  • "It was a very fortunate day for me indeed the day I met Dr. Jean Ciola. Dr. Jean is by far one of the most caring professional i have EVER met! She has a sincere warmth to her that is unmatched and I am forever grateful to her for listening to my concerns and addressing my needs in such a caring and empathetic fashion. Dr. Jean's compassion and commitment to helping improve my overall health gave me great confidence in her chiropractic care. Her expansive knowledge and thorough understanding gave me hope that I would be able to overcome my challenges and get back to living my active lifestyle. Dr. Jean's expertise and willingness to give her patients her undivided attention is a true testament to her extraordinary abilities as a doctor and a healer. I would gladly recommend Dr. Jean to others as I am certain they will receive the best possible care. Finding Dr. Jean has been a real blessing to me as I am now well on my way to full recovery!"
    - Jill M., Minnetonka, MN

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